Huib Cornielje, director  …   trained as a physical therapist he worked for 10 years in various rehabilitation programmes in South Africa. He is the founder and director of Enablement, with many years of experience in training, evaluations and research in Community Based Rehabilitation.



Evert Veldman, staff member  …   an occupational therapist with training and work experience in Africa and Asia who believes that participation in everyday occupations is one of the most powerful means to help people overcome internal and external disabling conditions. Together with Huib he wrote “The Dream of Inclusion for All 



Marije Cornielje, staff member  …   is a recent graduate in the field of development sociology with a broad interest in the fields of public health, wellbeing, politics and vulnerable groups. She has working experience in Nepal, Bangladesh, Ireland and Malawi and is always up for new challenges and adventures.




Joyce den Besten  …   with her experience stretching from ‘hands on’ nursing in a hospital to researching the area of disability and development Joyce is eager to contribute her expertise to Enablement. She believes that CBR and participatory research is the combination necessary to improve the lives of persons with a disability.


 Roelie Wolting …   recently resigned as coordinator of the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development and wants to utilize again her expertise in the fields of CBR and (pediatric) physiotherapy. Her Asian experience, especially gained in Indonesia and Vietnam, makes her an highly valued CBR trainer and consultant.


Marieke Boersma  …   is a physiotherapist and medical anthropologist and has lived and worked in Ethiopia since 2002. She currently is a CBR consultant for Light For The World and is highly motivated to get the issue of protection of children with disabilities on the agenda of organizations working in the fields of disability, children and especially CBR.


Vera van Ek  …   hardly ever sees her house in Beijing since she’s involved in consultancies for many CBR projects, mainly in the Asian region – curryently focusing on Nepal. She a physiotherapist who is passionate about training in Community Based Rehabilitation since she learned to understand it as the preferred approach in rehabilitation when she worked in Leprosy colonies in China.



Johan Velema…   an academician who incorporated reflective reasoning in his daily routines after years of working as a consultant for The Leprosy Mission International. He’s one of our experts in Monitoring and Evaluation.




Han Verhoeven…   inspired by her experiences in Chad from 1996-1999 she works with a management training and consultancy firm specialized in development cooperation. Besides, she is partner in the Perspectivity Network, and a specialist in Training of Trainers and Facilitation skills.




 Fiona MacLeod Budge…   originating from New Zealand she completed a Masters degree in Medical Anthropology and Sociology, has her own Communication and Training Methodology Consultancy, www.to-the-point-consultancy.nl and works as a lecturer at the VU University in Amsterdam.



 Karin Schepman  …   is eager to utilize her expertise as a physiotherapist, gained in Tanzania, Zambia and Papua New Guinea. She works in a private practice in Amsterdam, is a lecturer and supervisor for international students at the Amsterdam School of Health Professions (HvA). Her credo is: 'Begin with what there is and build on what is known'.



Hanke Drop …  worked as a physiotherapist in Namibia, studied Arabic language and Islam and is the owner of drOpinie: a consultancy agency in the field of diversity, Islam & the Arabic world. She tries to build bridges between people of different cultures to find common grounds in understanding disability.



Anthony Rombach…    an occupational therapist and certified orthotist and prosthetist (CPO) with a strong passion for equality. His drive is to facilitate the development of orthopedic workshops and offer education in lower-income countries. His passion is to share technical knowledge and experience with the aim to empower disabled people to move freely and independently.



Henk van Apeldoorn…   is passionate about working at a grassroots level to enable people in lobbying and advocacy. That’s what he did together with his wife Han in Chad, that’s what he still does today with his projects in Wajir, Kenya. An out-of-the-box thinker with thousands of ideas.