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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is a strategy that aims to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities. It involves working closely with persons with disabilities, their families and service providers to remove barriers that result in the exclusion of persons with disabilities from participation in community life. Integral and indispensable to this process is the development of effective training and communication skills of people working in CBR. For CBR to be an effective strategy it is essential that people engaged in CBR activities are able to train others in this field. This website addresses in particular capacity building in CBR and especially human resource development as one of the three layers of capacity building; i.e.

• Institutional development
• Organisational development
• Training and education

It is envisaged that the information on this website will contribute to capacity building in CBR and as such to the further promotion and development of CBR worldwide. Contributions of readers are highly appreciated as long as they relate to capacity building in CBR.

Mission statement of Enablement

Enablement promotes Community Based Rehabilitation through innovative training, research and development.

We CARE about Inclusion and therefore our working principles are to:
• Contextualize CBR
• Accompany in Advocacy
• Reflect and Research
• Enable Agents of Change


Enablement is formed by a multi-disciplinary team of committed disability and rehabilitation professionals in and outside the Netherlands. The team has a vast amount of expertise in diverse academic fields, among which epidemiology, anthropology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, adult education and public relations. Above all it is a team of well-experienced researchers, organisational and institutional development specialists, lobbyists, trainers and experts with extensive experience in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).

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Training courses are usually jointly organized with organisations in different countries in the Global South. This means that training becomes more contextualized, as it offers ample opportunities for field visits and community-based training. It also means that capacity building of partner organisations is taking place, as Enablement has a commitment to work towards sustainable development. Moreover it has the benefit of being able to offer courses at a reasonable cost: both in terms of tuition, board and lodging, as well as in terms of travelling costs.

Enablement has an extensive network of contacts with organisations and agencies in both governmental and non-governmental sectors. This network includes universities, research and training institutions as well as disability organisations throughout Africa, Asia, South-America and Europe.

Enablement is operating in the fields of disability, development and rehabilitation management and is particularly concerned with people with disabilities in low- and middle income countries. Its specific strengths are in the areas of policy development, applied research and training in disability and development issues. The development of Enablement is largely in response to needs and demands in these areas.

Enablement is convinced that the role and responsibility of persons with disabilities within the field of development and rehabilitation should become more prominent than it has been so far. Promising developments related to advocacy and emancipation of persons with disabilities are taking place in many parts of the world. These changes require increasingly innovative professionals who can and will be able to adapt to the changing nature of this field. This shift is possibly most apparent in the context of disability and rehabilitation paradigms: a move from conventional bio-medical and moral models to more socio-political models of rehabilitation. However, Enablement is convinced that the moral model as a widely accepted way of viewing disability as well as the bio-medical model cannot and should not be ignored and should go alongside the socio-political model.

Enablement promotes sustainable rehabilitation development throughout the world, as well as an active participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life. We acknowledge and stimulate participation of persons with disabilities as an essential and fundamental right. Besides, we consider it a pre-requisite for a viable, appropriate and efficient development in this sector.


More information can be found on www.enablement.nl